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Excuse me for a moment while I just cry my feels out:’
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#okay first of all#do not under any circumstances clump me in with the so-called fans who would do this#disrespecting and harassing an actor because they had the audacity to get a job interpreting the writers’ words#is fucking bullshit and I for one won’t stand it#this is not how i want my fandom and ship represented#so don’t be a fucking douchenozzle and be hateful towards him mmkay#other actors have left twitter bc fanbases went too far#please don’t sully our name by being complete asshats#i want to be known as an encouraging fun and grateful fandom#not ones who deserve to step on legos for the rest of their lives#we need to be people the cast and crew are proud to have watching their show#you can not like the character#that’s your prerogative bobby brown#but appreciate the hard work and dedication of the actors who bring them to life#wrath is an episode of law and order: svu#not a fandom thing#tl;dr leave brandon routh out of this#soapbox effie out (via effie214)
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